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Creative Research

Laura Neese

So . . . what do you do?

I'm a creative collaborator.

I’m a dance artist and teaching artist.

I make dance & performance in collaboration with others:

as a performer in works by other artists, as a choreographer,

and as a collaborator with artists in other media. These roles aren't neatly delineated - they are beautifully permeable.


I teach in a variety of contexts from rehearsal studios, to traditional classrooms, to zoom sessions.  As a teacher I create learning spaces in collaboration with participants, students, and colleagues that connect creative impulses, physicality, and human curiosity as starting points for learning.


I find my space, my home territory, in the shifting nexus of in-between, in connecting cross-disciplinary dots and building bridges for communication. I'm especially interested in the intersections between ways of learning and knowing in the arts and sciences, and how they intertwine in the study and practice of dance.


Performing, creating, and teaching, under the umbrella of dance and movement, are parts of an overarching creative process of communication to foster cultivation of curiosity, dialogue, and individual and collective growth.

Current Research  Interests

I am an avid student of the human body, its form, function, variations, and interconnections.  I yearn to help others find confidence and eloquence in their own skin, muscle, and bone. 

My current creative research investigates the convergence of form, function,  expression, and story within the many intricate and articulate systems of  the human body through choreography, performance, improvisation, somatic practices, and teaching. 


I am interested in exploring individual embodiment, investigating how kinesthetic knowledge manifests within and travels between people, and how meaning is made in, through, and by these moving bodies.


I'm interested in the nuts and bolts of how the human body works, as well as cultural histories transmitted through physical practices like dance and fitness.  My work both as a creative practitioner and a movement educator invests in building awareness of and appreciation for the intelligence and expressivity inherent in every human (body), and the importance of mind-body connection, during a cultural moment in which human experiences are increasingly distanced, dissociated, and digitized.

Anatomy Drawing
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