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Choreography & Collaborations

Click on images or titles for more information and photo/video.

Selected Works

Group Works and Installations

Presence/ing: A Performance Walk (2023)

Collaborators: Tommy Batchelor, Kelsey Kempner, Laura Neese, Rosita Roldan

blueprints (2023)

Performers: Harper Hawkins, Michele Haynes, Nina Jones, Aliceson King, Katie Nilsson, Aliciona Strothers

Cascade (2022)

Performers: Anna Benton, Chloe Cardinale, Alexandra Claggett, Ryn Deyo, Kloe Hooker, Brittany Johnson, Maggie Kowalski, Riley Ramsey, Kate Walker, Emerson Walker,

Inside/Out (2021)

Site specific work in collaboration with performers: Michaela Neild, Teddi Vargas, Yukina Sato, and cellist Sarah Troeller

adjacent, possible (2020)

Site specific work in collaboration with performers Tori Myers, Teddi Vargas, Yukina Sato, Megan Wurtz

Entwined (2017)

Installation with Visual Artist Nancy Quin, and Performers Margaret Chase, Rosita Roldan, Laura Neese

Urban Mandala (2016)

Installation with Visual artist Nancy Quin, Musician Lana Stafford,  and performers Claire Baum, Caroline Martin, Maho Ogawa, and Laura Neese

Mandala (2014)

Site specific group work performed by Ariane Bernier, Loganne Bond, Abbey Hurlbert, Suiso Maho Ogawa, Ashley Peters, Eija Ranta, Rosita Roldan, Melissa West

Architexture (2013)

Collaboration with KitchenSink Collective

Solo Works & Collaborations

Cello Suite No. 5 for Viola and Dancer  (2023)

Laura Neese, Tze Ying Wu

Trebles (2019)

Musical collaborators Sara Troeller & Niall O’Leary

Green Fields of Woodford/ Dolphins (2019)

Laura Neese for Darrah Carr Dance

Coasting (2018)

Collaboration with Sonic Artist Voelker Goetze & Visual Artist Nancy Quin

For the Auroch (2018)

Laura Neese for Darrah Carr Dance

7 (2017)

Laura Neese

untitled conversation (2016)

Collaboration with Musician Lana Stafford

polka dot (2014)

Laura Neese

Orange Boat (2012)

Laura Neese


Island (2011)

Laura Neese

Dance Film

Forward (2020) film

Collaboration with Davianna Green

glimpse (2020) film

Collaboration with Dian Jing

Flowers/I went outside today (2020)  film

Videographer/collaborator: Bita Bell

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