Choreography & Collaborations

Selected Works

Flowers/I went outside today (2020)  film

Videographer/collaborator: Bita Bell

Trebles (2019)

Musical collaborators Sara Troeller & Niall O’Leary

Green Fields of Woodford/ Dolphins (2019)

Choreographed and performed by Laura Neese for Darrah Carr Dance.

Coasting (2018)

Collaboration with Sonic Artist Voelker Goetze & Visual Artist Nancy Quin

For the Auroch (2018)

Choreographed and performed by Laura Neese for Darrah Carr Dance.

7 (2017)

Choreographed and performed by Laura Neese.

Entwined (2017)

Installation with Visual Artist Nancy Quin, and Performers Margaret Chase, Rosita Roldan, Laura Neese

Urban Mandala (2016)

Installation with Visual artist Nancy Quin, Musician Lana Stafford,  and dancers Claire Baum, Caroline Martin, Maho Ogawa, and Laura Neese.

untitled conversation (2016)

Collaboration with Musician Lana Stafford.

Mandala (2014)

Site specific group work.

polka dot (2014)

Performed and choreographed by Laura Neese.

Architexture (2013)

Collaboration with KitchenSink Collective


Orange Boat (2012)

Performed and choreographed by Laura Neese.


Island (2011)

Performed and Choreographed by Laura Neese.

KitchenSink Collective







An experiment in sustainable creativity.

From 2012-2016 Neese co-directed KitchenSink Collective, a New York City based “experiment in sustainable creativity” with a core group of dance artists including Claire Baum, Joanna Futral, Katie Vason, and Caroline Martin Guzman. 


In this radically collaborative venture  the artists pooled skills and resources to rotate leadership in creation, development, and performance of original choreographic works.


KitchenSink Collective engaged actively in the New York City Dance ecosystem, consistently presenting at NYC venues including Dixon Place, Movement Research, Triskelion Arts, The Actors Fund Arts Center, The Secret Theatre, Green Space, DUMBO Dance Festival, COOLNY Dance Festival, Check Us Out Dance Festival, Bushwick Open Studios Festival, Salvatore La Russa Dance Theatre Festival, The House of Yes, Dance New Amsterdam and more.

 © 2020 by Laura Neese

photos © Lance J. Reha, Stephen Delas Heras, Ron Nicolaysen, Christopher Duggan, Whitney Browne, Andrew Ribner, Allison Stock, Theodore Kaufman, Richard Velasco, Robert McCormick