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you are invited to be


to be




in your body


here in this space and time


with the rocks

the brick

the glass

the tree

the refuse

the people

the birds

the sounds

the space


with your thoughts

and desires

and sadness

and dreams

and mischief

and play


there is nothing

you have-to


Dancers and musician create together in the moment.

Improvising together, through alternating cycles of stillness and movement.

Making space for pause, for reflection, for play. 

For suspending time. Playing with time. Stretching it.

Looking forwards and backwards.

Making space for memory, for loss, for futuring.

And circling back to the inescapable present.

The first day of Spring.



Performers:  Laura Neese, Michaela Neild, Theodora Vargas, Yukina Sato-Crul

Music Composition and Performance: Sarah Troeller

Director/Choreographer: Laura Neese in collaboration with Ensemble

Makeup Artist: Parisa Ahmadi

Videography & Photography: Abby Koskinas, @akos_camera

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