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Laura Neese's approach to Pilates is rooted in functionally sound and mindful movement, promoting empowering and effective exercise.  She works to helps clients develop not only strength and stability but also strong, healthy relationships to their own bodies.  She believes that good exercise feels good... and you can have fun doing it.


Good exercise feels good... and you can have fun doing it.

 Neese's teaching repertoire includes Pilates Mat, Reformer, Cadillac, Tower, Chair, and Springboard. Teaching credits include Pilates by Laura:livingroomlates, the Ohio State University, Kinespirit Riverside, Perfect Posture Pilates, Be Yoga and Dance, Kinected Center and more.

Neese holds a Comprehensive Pilates Certification from the Kane School of Core Integration at Kinected Center, NYC, with advanced study of Musculoskeletal Anatomy and Biomechanics at the Ohio State University, and continuing education through Kinected. 

Move with Laura from anywhere:

Pilates by Laura|livingroomlates

Move with Laura - Virtual Classes

Pilates by Laura | livingroom-lates

Virtual classes to keep moving at home

Contact for more information and to schedule private, small group, and corporate sessions.

New Client Participation /Registration Waiver

Current Virtual Class Schedule:

Saturday morning-lates 10:00 am ET

(60 mins)

This class uses a variety of Pilates mat exercises with simple props to build strength and awareness with integrity and efficiency. Soup cans, pillows, yoga block or book, therabandband or scarf - we'll use props you'll have at home.

Laura is the first instructor I have ever had that has made me actually enjoy and want to practice Pilates. She made me feel comfortable approaching this form in my body and didn't view it as a hindrance to be overcome or altered. She was always encouraging, patient and helpful. I deeply appreciate having taken this class from her.

-Student, Pilates Reformer I, The Ohio State University

Laura is a thoughtful and thorough Pilates teacher who keeps her energy up even through zoom. She's able to navigate mixed level classes that include pre-professional/professional dancers with older adults.

-Alissa, livingroomlates participant

I love working with Laura's perfect pacing and helpful reminders in class. Highly recommend for anyone regardless of previous activity level or experience, and for all mental and body goals!

- Megan, livingroomlates participant

 These classes have made me feel more healthy and strong. 

Five stars!

-Gabriel,  livingroomlates participant

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